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Database of Morphologic Characteristics of Watercourses in Southern Ontario

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From the Introduction

"The purpose of this database is to formulate a hydrologic-geomorphologic data base of field measured parameters for streams and rivers of Ontario. The information for this data base was collected in conjunction with stream gauge stations (where ever possible). The intent of the data base is to provide a base-line tool for practitioners and agency personnel for the purposes of watershed planning, and monitoring, water course design, rehabilitation, compensation, review and management."

Useful for:

Aquatic researchers
Urban and rural planners
Geological researchers
Geographical studies
Wetlands researchers
Groundwater studies

Additional Information

Annable, W.K. (Water Regime Investigations, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada), under the direction of the Credit Valley Conservation Authority and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.
Publication Date: August, 1996.
Publisher: Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
ISBN: 0-7778-5112-1


            Summary of Study Methodology
Explanation of the Data Base Format
            General Site Conditions
            Morphologic Relationships
                        Plan Characteristics
                        Profile Characteristics
                        Morphological Relationships
            Hydraulic Characteristics
                        Flood Frequency Analysis/Graph
                        Regime Theory Continuum
                        Hydraulic Relationships
            Substrate and Sediment Analysis/Graphs
                        Pebble Count Graph
                        Pavement Sample Graph
                        Sub-pavement/Bedload/Bar Sample Graph

List of Rivers by Name
List of Rivers by Stream Type
List of Rivers and Map Location
River Survey Locations

Examples from the Database (click to view larger)




Print Copy $14.00 CAD
(plus S&H and applicable tax)

For orders outside Canada, please call 1.705.748.1011 Ext.7049