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The Database of Morphologic Characteristics of Watercourses in Southern Ontario

This soft cover publication provides a hydrologic and geomorphologic database of field measured parameters for 47 streams and rivers in Ontario. Click here for details.

Morphologic Relationships of Rural Watercourses in Southern Ontario and Selected Field Methods in Fluvial Geomorphology

This soft cover publication collates the morphological characteristics of rural streams and rivers to provide guidance in the management and development of natural channel systems for the hydrographic region of southern Ontario. Click here for details.

Watershed Action Guide

A practical guide for practitioners of watershed management and planning. Click here for details

Great Lakes - St. Lawrence River System and Large Inland Lakes, River and Stream Systems Hazardous Sites

This CD-ROM contains technical guidance concerning identification and management of flooding, erosion and dynamic beach hazards on the Great Lakes - St. Lawrence River System and the large inland lakes. Click here for details.

Natural Channel Systems: Adaptive Management of Stream Corridors in Ontario
(Also includes Natural Hazards Technical Guides for Rivers and Stream Systems and Hazardous Sites)

This CD-ROM presents an adaptive management framework for the management of river and stream systems in Ontario. Click here for details.

The Second International Conference on Natural Channel Systems

This CD-ROM is intended for those interested in managing or designing channel systems of a natural form providing the procedures to follow for selecting channel objectives and for the management design processes. Click here for details.